ah... PANDORA delivers

Pandora delivers...

listening to a
Trouble Funk stream on Pandora
it is taking me through a sick loop
fantastic songs and so many memories

Trouble Funk on the Wiki Page
I had the pleasure of catching Minor Threat's final show at the Landsburgh Culture center where they opened for Trouble Funk
Minor Threat on the Wiki Page

Chuck Brown on Gwadzilla

and if you have not seen this video... give it a glance
Chuck Brown The Numbers Game with Thievery Corp


gwadzilla said...

more cowbell!

Anonymous said...

Dude, totally agree. Great picture and then great comment of your own picture?

gwadzilla said...

Trouble Funk... EU... Rare Essence... the soundtrack for High School Dances and House Parties in my youth... not all parties... not all dances... but some parties and some dances

good times
good memories

amazing music

music knows no color