bicycles and toys for Haiti...


my boys and I were talking about their toys... all their toys...
their decent toys that still work but they have outgrown
so many toys that are not currently of interest or in use

we were talking about trying to donate their old toys to the children of Haiti

maybe we can get their elementary school to spearhead a project like this

it would be really cool to get some bicycles down to the people of Haiti as well



Anonymous said...

Why do you not give those bikes and toys to people that live in DC or the US for that matter? Walk by a homeless person in DC and then give to the poor people in Haiti. Whatever dude.


gwadzilla said...


why not do both?

I donate to a wide variety of charities and have a number of homeless and just above homeless people that I give hand=me=downs to

the local headstart day care center is always thankful when I pass down the toys that my children have outgrown

but what about these people of haiti? especially the children


gwadzilla said...


why not do both?

I donate to a variety of local charities

my family gives the clothing that we have outgrown or no longer use to Martha's Table and various drop boxes

I will sometimes bring bags of clothing and give items to the people I see around my office downtown each day

and the headstart daycare center around the corner... they are always thankful when we give them the toys that our children have outgrown

why haiti?
because these people are in great need
a toy or two could really brighten a child's outlook

as for bikes... I have done similar efforts with individuals and not for profits like Chain Reaction

but right now... the people of Haiti could really use a hand up


dc2wheel said...

Please before you send anything to Haiti read this:

Help Haiti with Money, Not Stuff:


I know you have the best of intentions, but if you want to do good right now, and in the foreseeable future for Haiti, send money [through a reputable aid organization] not stuff. Maybe you could sell the bikes & toys on craigslist and donate the proceeds?

gwadzilla said...

thanks dc2wheel

much more productive than the other comments

good call...

I had actually thought about the notion of a Aid to Haiti Bike Swap at my kid's school

where money earned rather than goods would go to the cause!

your shared article sealed the deal with clarity

now... where am I going to get the time to spearhead the project

gwadzilla said...