Common Sense... we need it... very few of us use it

here is an article about Common Sense on the Bike Path

it is simple
so many of our issues on the road could be resolved with a little common sense
the same goes for action on the bike path

each user group contributes to the chaos

cyclist can ride too fast and pass too close... becoming the bullies on the path... acting much like the cars on the road
the roller blader can take up too much space with their long strides
runners can be spaced out with their headphones
parents can let their children roam all over the trail
dog walkers often give their dog too much leash taking up the entire trail
everyone contributes to the chaos leading the situation for the potential of the WORST CASE SCENARIO
it is best to try and control the chaos to avoid this worst case scenario

racing and pace lines... the bike path is no place for such behavior

race on race day
and take the pace lines to the street
drafting off a stranger is tailgating
tailgating is obnoxious and unacceptable

anyone and everyone entering the bike path should exhibit common sense...
it is not so different than crossing the street on foot or merging onto the highway in the car
a little common sense goes a long way
approach with foresight... anticipate and respect the approach of other trail users

runners.... walkers... dog walkers...
anticipate other trail users
do not be surprised to see a cyclists on the bike path
expect a cyclist to be approaching from behind
do not just U-Turn and reverse direction at a random place... step off the trail and then reverse direction
so often a walker\runner decides to reverse direction just as a cyclist is about to make a pass

cyclists... "do onto others"
pass women and children with more respect
lessen speed and grant them space
again... do not BUZZ THE TOWER
would you want a pack of cyclists zipping past your mother, your wife, or your child within inches
then don't be that guy

fast moving cyclists need to be hyper alert
anticipate the actions of dogs on long leashes and toddlers on foot
be ready for each or either to race for the "point of intersection"

Common Sense and Common Courtesy
basic logic
a little foresight
and well... the roads and the bike paths would be not only more safe but more enjoyable for all users

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