last I checked... guns are not usually the punchline of a joke

Washington Bullet... I mean Washington Wizard's
Gilbert Arenas is suspended from the NBA for his bringing guns to the Wizard's locker room

honestly... I never heard of this guy until this incident
which is not so odd... I had never heard of Michael Vick til his misbehavior brought his name into pop culture

the other day I was hiking my black dog Brutus with my two boys in the woods
we were talking about basketball
in this discussion I talked about how the Washington DC basketball team was once called The Bullets and that during that time Washington DC was known as "the murder capital of the world"
I told my kids that it seemed to make more sense for the city to have the name of the basketball team changed rather than try to diminish the killings

During that time the statistics for crime within the Police District that crime statistics that were through the roof
The city knew that they needed to bring this statistics down
so what did they do... they split that precinct in half


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