a little is better than nothing...

it is good to get on the bike
I need to get on the bike more often
more often and for a great duration and a greater intensity

tonight I got out of work on time... which is something

the week before New Year's Eve I had to work late... not crazy late... but late enough that I left into the dark and the cold robbed of my ambition to ride
so today when I got out of work five minutes early I found myself walking out of the office into a world with a blue sky instead of a black abyss

knowing that Lisa was at basketball practice I figured I could point the bike away from home and break a sweat
and I did break a sweat... not only am I crazy out of shape... I was hectically over dressed

with the camera in my backpack I concentrated on trying to keep pace
I tried to time the lights
I tried to keep moving
I rode down past the White House... then down Penn Avenue skirting the Mall flanked by government building after government building
the cars around me moved at a pace far faster than the stated Speed Limit
like deviant children... misbehaving with their parents out of view

only behaving when there is a threat of being punished
never conscious of their contribution to the worst case scenario
never realizing that their sloppy driving style does not get them to their destination any more quickly while greatly increasing the chance of an accident

fast passing cars buzzed by me so close that I felt justified to take the full lane

then cars passed fast and close... when they could just fully take the alternate lane to pass me
some of them trying to make a point
some of them not realizing that passing three inches from my body is too close for comfort

the ride was short... maybe an hour... an hour ten door to door

that spinning varried in effort
as I had to slow and stop for traffic and traffic lights

there were some photo opportunities but I enjoyed having in the camera in my pack rather than dangling around my neck

when I got home I was pleased to see that the dog was walked and that my older son was down the block
at a friends while Lisa and Grant were not yet home from basketball

with the house to myself I made a fire and ate some left overs for dinner

when the boys got home we all hung by the fire and then we went upstairs to read some to the boys

now we try to put the boys to bed
I issue orders over my shoulder as I type, play scrabble, and blog

Dean is reading... Grant is showing me that he just got his second wind

I think I will finish this post... then go downstairs and pour a glass of wine

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