I think I need to GOOGLE the topic: Basketball Drills for 3rd Graders

basketball... kids basketball
I am not sure if everyone gets what is going on here
it is kids... kids... little kids... just kids
kids new to the sport... kids pretty much new to the world

I have been wanting to GOOGLE the topic of basketball drills for 3rd graders
I have been wanting to BLOG about the topic of basketball and third graders
right now... there is not the time or the energy
but... alas... I have started... so I will rant now and GOOGLE later

it is frustrating to watch the coaching
I say this as a parent as a coach
both my boys are playing basketball
both teams are frustrating to watch... the coaching is tough to watch
the coaches have their strengths... the coaches have their weaknesses

I am not sure what the boys and girls clubs rules are about playing time
but whatever they are
I bet the coaches of my boys teams do not know them

I am not sure what the boys and girls coaching strategies and league objectives are
but whatever they are
I bet the coaches of my boys teams do not know them

there is too much focus on winning there is far too much focus on the concept of zone defense
there is not enough focus on the basic skills
there does not seem to be any focus on fun

do I know anything about basketball?
do I know anything about coaching?
no... no...
but I do know a little about kids as I am a big kid

I can see that things are being done poorly

kids like games
hide work and practice in games
deprioritize winning

I have not seen any "games" in practice
directed scrimages? with the same kids getting the ball.... the same kids shooting the ball

everyone should be on the ball
there should be drills that everyone has the ball

less talk... more action
these kids are not listening
this kids can not hear you

let the actions teach them
the game itself is intuitive
that can not be taught
it must be learned through action

personally I think that the game should be more about allowing the kids to try to find the ball
man to man
the zone has a kid thinking they are on defense by standing in a part of the court
instead of following the ball with their eye while keeping close to covering their man
there is no game to the game
there needs to be more game and less structure
a game like "21" but played to eleven may be enough for the kids
the blinders on the kids are handed to them by the parents instead of instructing the kids to pass to the open player the coaches are instructing the top players to focus on each other how is a child to learn the value of running up the court for offense if no one passes to them that is little ambition to work to get open if no one is going to pass to you I know... I played basketball... I was open... no one passed to me mainly because everybody wants to shoot... in my grade school youth I played CYO basketball in that building... well... not the main building... but the building to the right

enough on this
time for bed


mike said...

in my many years of coaching hoops, and now i coach the 7/8th grade boys, you will be very surprised at how hard it is, especially given the disparity of skills among the players. if you really have some interest or want to pass on some info to the coaches this is a very good website w/ drills, plays,etc.


gwadzilla said...

thanks mike...

I will definitely check this out

I do understand how hard it can be
as I am the coach of my younger son's soccer team

the way I do it is an expression of me
but also an understanding of the league goals and the cognitive development of the players

in a season I see kids leaving the field with so much more skill, intensity, involvement, and pleasure than they entered

I am not seeing this with my sons and their basketball teams

too much focus on winning
players riding the pine so that the two main players can score and win

coaches teaching the two main players to focus on each other
not looking for the open man

one game...
the coaches son missed the first three quarters
showed up for the fourth
and nearly beat the other team that had us by 25 points... single handedly

what the coaches do not understand
when this kid has the ball... none of our team is developing
instead they are just watching a highly skilled third grader drive on five regular third graders

thanks again

it is tough

but I fear that these guys are doing it all wrong...

mike said...

ummm...yeah if that is happening it's not about skill development at all, which is a problem. agreed. very bad coaching.