more than words... more than numbers

recession is more than a word
recession is more than a concept
recession is a reality

the recession has recently become part of my reality

unemployment is more than a number
unemployment is more than a statistic
unemployment is a reality

unemployment has recently become part of my reality

there is talk of improvement... there is talk about a drop in unemployment
hopefully this is more than talk

previously I did not blog about working at CBS News in Washington DC... I no longer work there
so I can blog about what I want to blog about
not sure what there is to blog about CBS now...

this article in the LA Times came out on the Saturday before the Monday when CBS laid off 100 essential employees; ten of which were in Washington DC
yes... I was one of those ten

I have been told to see the film; "UP IN THE AIR"
I have been told that it will help

until then... I will just listen to THE JAM: Smithers-Jones


Greg said...

Dude, I'm sorry to hear that! That sucks!! I hope you find something soon

PBnJ said...

Sorry Joel - chin up my friend!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I got laid off too man. Sucks. But you know, Obama will save us. Right now, chill, enjoy, and ride! Soon we can start getting those checks from the government--that we deserve! Enjoy, buy some things, so it helps the economy. My kids, its all good, college is a joke anyway!

gwadzilla said...

well... college may be the finishing school for the rich

but sadly... it is still the punch card that people need stamped so they can move to the next level


a short time to chill
some thanks for the COBRA assistance in the recovery plan


and then

get a plan

yes... getting laid off sucks
but we are still in the land of opportunity

we just need to stay positive and continue forward

John Curran said...

I'm sorry about your bad news, Joel. You're going to pull through.

dicky said...

Musta missed this.

Tough break... my hours got cut a few weeks ago. There's gotta be something good in store for people who are as handsome as we are.