these shots are not from SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010... these are from earlier this week...

these are not shots from SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010
these shots are from earlier this week

it snowed earlier this week... to our shock school was not canceled... school was not delayed
after dropping the boys off at school with the promise of sledding after school I went out cross country skiing with my black dog brutus
the temperature was warm
the snow was heavy and grippy
not so great on the cross country skiies

it was still a nice day to be out in the woods

when the boys got home we did not rush into the woods
the boys each had a snack before gathering and getting into their snow gear
then when it was time to walk our black dog brutus
we each grabbed a sled and we tried to go sledding
it was a no go... the warmth of the day left slight coverage or a less than sled worthy consistency

we had a snowball fight instead

the boys enjoyed that
there are no photos from the snowball fight
their aim is getting too good to point a camera at them when they are trying to hit me with a snowball

snowball fights are a blast... but sadly... snowball fights almost always end badly

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