toying with a new camera... new to me

my dad got a new camera... actually my dad got the Canon G10... on my recommendation
the smaller camera has its merits
on a family trip a few weeks back my dad passed off his camera
the familiarity with the camera made things easy

so seeing my dad was not using his old Canon Rebel SLR
well... I asked him if I could have it
he said yes... I said awesome...
thanks dad
score bonus

so today I went downtown on the bike to grab some lunch and snap some photographs
trying to get to know the new camera
the new camera is different
the new camera is good

I still like the compact camera
I really like the potential of the new camera

Canon Digital Rebel XT

and these are not even the shots that I liked
the in the face portrait shots are what I like

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Mike said...

i have the rebel. it's what i take all my pics w/. good camera. easy to use. thinking of upgrading a bit. but it's not cheap to upgrade. mike