where is this?

where is this?
anyone... anyone?
anyone other than Jeff Peel?
okay Jeff... where is this?


Jeff said...

I thought Saint E at first, but they use red brick. Then the seminary out in Silver Spring, but that's all been redeveloped now. Takoma Park maybe?? I'm pretty sure it's not in DC.

dc2wheel said...

Army Corp of Engineers pumping station for one of the reservoirs on Macarthur Blvd.

nathan said...

the res on macarthur blvd

Kevin said...

Gotta be up by the reservoir above Georgetown here

Elliott said...

Ok Gwadz, you have to ask a native Washingtonian these questions.

That's the castle at the Reservoir on MacArthur Blvd.

If you are coming up from Gtown/Canal Rd on MacArthur, the castle is on the left before you actually see the water of the Reservoir. So, its before you actually get to where Reservoir Rd meets MacArthur.

I was just by there a few days ago.

Scott said...

Georgetown Reservoir

gwadzilla said...

sorry Jeff... the local rule and tourists drool

better luck next time
keep on playing!

Jeff said...

Sorry I let you down Gwadz. I've seen most of the city over past 7 years but I've never slowed down enough through that stretch to ever notice it. I'll keep my eyes peeled next time.

Anna said...

Folding bikes don't generally venture out that far.