not to be crass... but I bet there are people who say Barack is HOT!

I did not want to say it...
I don't wanna say it

but I am gonna say it
it may be wrong it may be crass
but I am going to say it anyway


does the first lady have that same hypnotic power that her husband has?

today before my older son Dean gave his biography presentation on Tenzing Norgay a young girl in his third grade class gave a presentation on Michelle Obama

it was awesome

it was amazing
it was informational
and yes... it was... inspirational

it was great!
this little girl gave her presentation about Michelle Obama while doing the Hula Hoop... I had the camera by my side but like a fool... I did not take the picture... I missed the shot

so this third grade girl gave her presentation about Michelle Obama while doing the hula hoop
although she read it rather than talking about it or repeating it from memorization
it was still a fantastic presentation

it was a great biography that carried a theme and a tone while also giving some serious information
all while doing the hula hoop

the hula hoop never faltered
the hula hoop did not come any near stalling or falling
while this little first lady did not alter her reading rhythm because of the hula hoop

it is unlikely that any of the other three girls who gave a presentation on Michelle Obama spoke while doing the hula hoop
I am not sure if any of the other three girls who did their biography on Michelle Obama made mention of Let's Move
while this presentation most definitely did
sure another Michelle Obama gave each of the kids a brown paper bag with the presidential seal and a healthy snack
yet I am not sure if she mentioned Let's Move
as I did not see the presentations of all the children in the class I am not sure what was covered
I just saw the last two... which was Michelle Obama and then my son's presentation of a Tenzing Norgay biography
while I did appreciate the carrots and cheese stick when I took the kids to a neighborhood park before taking them home from school
I was more impressed by the hula hoop and the hula hoop angle of Michelle Obama

I had not heard of Let's Move
sure I had heard of the hula hoop on the White House Lawn
but not sure if I was listening closely enough so that I would hear about Let's Move

this Let's Move organization needs to give some thought to bicycles on dirt trails in Rock Creek Park
that would be a great opportunity to the kids of dc
the streets of dc are dangerous for an adult on the bike
I fear for the children who want to experience the joy and freedom of riding a bike by riding on the streets of the modern day

times have changed and not all for the better
I grew up riding my bike around the neighborhood with my friends
most kids grew up exploring the neighborhood around them on bicycles
not so sure that the parents of today can comfortably give their children the freedom to ride their bicycles around the neighborhood.... where ever that neighborhood in the states may be

in the city or in the country the streets are not as safe as they once were
more cars... more traffic...
cars moving at a higher speed

yes... Michelle Obama is hot
and it is more than just the arms

on a side note...
The White House Blog

I was pro Health Care Reform before I got laid off... being laid off... I am not understanding the need for Health Care Reform better than ever


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