Robert Lighthouse... Robert Lighthouse always reminds me of Major

Major Lawrence...
Robert Lighthouse always reminds me of Major Lawrence
I was listening to some Robert Lighthouse on Pandora last night

Major was a Virgo... I do not know what that means
but Major always reminded me that I was also a Virgo
especially if I upset him
Major would remind me that Virgos should not treat another Virgo a certain way

Major was also early on the ideas of "new age"
even if "new age" ideas are actually the old ways of thinking
vegetarianism... yoga... fresh bread... and good living

in my youth I was a "frame breaking machine"
this usually involved the hassle of getting the manufacturer to make good on their "lifetime warranty"

one time I found myself between bikes which for a bicycle messenger means you are unable to work... Major loaned me one of his Cannondale SM600s
the one with the 26 inch wheel in the front and 24 inch wheel in the back
shortly after I bought one of those machines

Major always talked about "moving west"
Boulder Colorado was a place he would talk about
not sure if anyone ever believed that he would leave his apartment with the alley entrance behind Tuscon Cantina
I heard he settled in Arizona... but I can not be certain

this image was snagged from a web page owned by an old school DC messenger
the photos were originally taken for a magazine called Regardies

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