GIZMODO has an article titled: " The Only Indoor Biking That's More Dangerous Than Its Outdoor Alternative"
with a great link to INSTRUCTABLES:DIY Free Motion Cycling Rollers

it is interesting...

who would think that rollers would be that dangerous?

then again... after some thought I can recall back when I owned rollers and infrequently used them
I did find myself laid out on the floor more than once because I thought I was some sort of hot shot being all light on the bike and going for the cup of water or perhaps being too focu
sed on my Tetris game
then when I think even further about this topic of the potential dangers of rollers I recall a cycling tragedy in the DC Cycling community...
a training accident... an indoor training
accident... an indoor cycling accident involving rollers

NCVC hosts a cyclocross event each fall that is a memorial event for one of their own; Ed Sanders
Ed Sanders died in a training accident
when I initially heard of this "training accident" I just figured that he crashed and hit his head on the curb or got run over by a truck
apparently that was not the case
Ed Sanders died in a training accident in the privacy of his home... yes... while on rollers

although the specifics are unknown to me... I did hear that Ed Sanders died in a training accident in the privacy of his own home
yes... I heard that Ed Sanders died in a training accident that involved rollers

as the story came to me third hand I will not try to be too wordy
all that I can recall is that Ed Sanders was found dead in a pool of blood
somehow he fell from his bike on the rollers and crashed through a glass coffee table
again... I do not know the exact details and I hope that what is told here is accurate
no need to get graphic with the details that I am uncertain of
my most sincere apologies if this information is inaccurate in any way

so yes... rollers can be dangerous
but really... that sounds like a freak accident
a total tragedy but also an unpredictable accident
something that could be avoided... something that may never happen again
something that no one would have ever anticipated

it is a sad story
each year NCVC hosts a cyclocross race at Lilypons
Ed Sanders not just a racing member of NCVC but he was an employee at Lilypons Water Gardens
this race commemorates a man who was well liked and respected by those that know him
this race also gathers money for a college fund for Ed's fatherless son
it is an excellent event and a worthy cause

NCVC: National Capital Velo Club
Lily Pons Water Gardens


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