this rant is based on one simple premise...

this rant is based off one simple premise...
yes... this rant is based off one simple premise
that premise being that people slow and pass a pregnant pedestrian with more care and more concern than they pass other pedestrians

the same goes for bicycles... I have found that people treat me differently when I am pulling the trailer or trail-a-bike than when I am traveling solo
but right now... right now this is about the idea of the pedestrian

so... the car driver has a sliding scale of care and concern
that scale may go something like this

greater care to lesser concern

pregnant woman
old woman
blind people
woman with children
teenage girls
teenage boys
adult men

is this agreed?
do people feel that car drivers show a greater level of car, compassion, and concern for people of different basic demographics?
if so...
why don't people alter their perception?
and simplify things
rather than categorizing things and behaving on this sliding scale
drivers could drive granting all pedestrians with a right to space and a right to life

just a thought

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danaceau said...

That pregnant chick is H A W T