The Porter-Klingle Freeway could use a logical make-over!

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the design is not sensible
this section of road is entirely OVER BUILT
why is there a FREEWAY CLOVERLEAF in the middle of this beautiful National Park?

I know it would cost money... but I feel that this section of road needs to be revisited and redesigned
over the years I have seen the SPEED LIMIT silently slip down to a more rational maximum speed of 30MPH
but... I have seen no changes to the road
the design of the road enables the driver to drive at highway speeds
something needs to be done....

the road should be redesigned such that people feel that 30 miles an hour is a rational speed to travel
55MPH does not get anyone anywhere any faster... just to the red light at the top of the hill
after buzzing the pedestrians and cyclists along the way

widen the sidewalk or put in a separate bicycle lane?
widen the sidewalk on one side and put a bike lane on the other?
widen the median strip... removing the highway barriers and putting trees... plants... or grass on the wider median strip... not only would it slow traffic... but it would be ascetically pleasing and contiguous with the surrounding park area
this road connects neighborhood to neighborhood
this road bisects a beautiful national park
cars should be driving at neighborhood speed... not highway speed
the design of this road and its off ramps should match its surroundings and its needs

what changes behavior?
we need to change behavior!
I feel that changing the design of these roads so that they discourage high speed flow through our neighborhoods
bring down the maximum speed
bring down the option for maximum speed

who do we talk to to make this happen?
it is obvious that the current design is flawed
this area or road should be taken under consideration
if we want people to drive more slowly through the neighborhoods
well... we need to slow them down before they feed into the neighborhoods

Jack McKay on Klingle Valley

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