music and images... the digital age has stolen some of this power

music... I like music
music was a big part of growing up for me

music moved me... punk shows... high school dances...
even going to clubs under age... 80's music in the actual '80s

it was a more simple time

I liked seeing live music
seeing live music now is not really what I am into

in the early days it was all about the 12 inch vinyl record and the record jacket
if you were lucky there was also ornate record sleeve
with liner notes
who did they thank? and why?

the full record often got a listen

while listening much attention was paid to the graphics on the packaging

then came the music video

then the cd and its miniture jewel case

now everything is digital

people are either buying music by the song
or just streaming stuff live
this has all changed the impact of the packaging and all that once went with it

times are not as simple as they once were

Bad Brains Image from here
I dig the graphics of Shepard Fairy

the images of Glen Friedman are also very powerful


Bill said...

Check out Jim V's entry for the MABRAcross logo design contest:



gwadzilla said...

very fun!