RECYCLE THAT BICYCLE... Gwadzilla is looking for Bicycle Donations in the DC Area


Donate your old bike to the John Eaton Bike Swap

John Eaton Bike Swap June 12, 2010

We are looking for bikes... your old bike could be someone's "new" bike

Let's get that old bike out of your garage or basement... dust it off and get it into the hands of someone who could use it!

what do we want? what are we looking for?
kids bikes of all sizes... tricycles... unicycles... adult bikes
if it is has two wheels... we will take it
if it is broken... we will fix it!

if you have a bike please contact Joel Gwadz
if you think you know someone who has a bike or two that they would like to donate
please share this information with them

contact Joel Gwadz
to arrange a pick up time if you are in the DC Metro Area
if you are able to drop it off downtown

without your donation this will not be able to happen
thank you in advance
Joel Gwadz

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