snagged this off FACEBOOK... Miggy.

as it turns out Kenny Gayle passed away this past April

I will not modify the information below
Kenny Gayle aka Miggy was known and loved by many
he will be missed... I am certain he is already missed

I had heard that he had been sick... but had never gotten full details or verification
this update comes to me as sad news
no one wants to hear this

love and luck to any and all who knew Kenny Gayle


what can I say about Miggy?

not sure if this photo is new or ancient
not sure the last time I saw Miggy
maybe late night at a friend's bachelor party at an "after hours club"
a late night for me and my friends
just another night for Miggy and his friends

I knew Miggy as Kenny... Kenny Gayle
Kenny and I went to high school together
Kenny could run one hell of a sprint... talented soccer player... solid guy

in 9th grade Kenny I would pick up Kenny's lunch for him
Kenny would give me a 20 and a list of what he wanted
B-CC had an open lunch which meant we could leave campus and go out to eat
I would dash up to Roy Rogers and grab him his grub
with the remaining change I was allowed to buy myself something
I always bought something simple...
Kenny always got a shake with his meal... a meal more than likely larger than he needed or would eat

it was an interesting relationship that evolved over time
nice to see this shot of Kenny aka Miggy
lots of memories of hanging out at the punk shows and what not with Miggy
I hope he is well as I had heard that he might be sick

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