this was shared with me...

it is tough out there
it is dangerous out there

there are cars
there are cars driven by cab drivers
there are buses, trucks, and vans
vehicles driven by people that you would not trust to tie your shoes

the cab drivers... don't let me get started on the cab drivers
right now I am on buses... buses
there are buses... there are dangers... the buses bring on a new set of dangers
additional dangers in an already dangerous world

there are accidents.... there is chance...
things happen... bad things happen
there are are obnoxious drivers
there are negligent drivers
there are ignorant and aggressive drivers

so... brace yourself
be prepared
but don't forget... if you can not be good... it is often good enough to be lucky

this was shared with me
thought it would be worth sharing with you


watch it
and I do not mean the video
I mean your back

watch your back!
it is dangerous out there

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