Two Wheels Good!

beautiful. simply beautiful

I like that sculpture

two wheels good... one would think that the issues pertaining the the motorcycle\scooter would be similar to that of the bicycle in reference to a feeling of invasion of personal space
when oddly enough...
motorcycles, scooters, and the other such machines often invade my personal space when I am on the bike
motorized two wheeled machines pass me in that obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously fast fashion that is so common with the car
when granting me (and other cyclists) a little more space would be so easy

passing a cyclist on a two lane road in the same lane is often too close for comfort
it is especially obnoxious with the quiet nature of some of these machines

which reminds me... The Prius and other such Hybrid machines approach so quietly that they often spook the cyclist
maybe there could be a little speaker on the front bumper playing NPR so that the cyclist and the pedestrian hear them coming

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danaceau said...

There was an article in the Post today about Nissan putting "sound effects" in the Leaf as a safety feature for pedestrians at low speeds.