Washington DC should be embarrassed

Washington DC should be embarrassed

Urban Mountain Biking...
Baltimore has it... Philly has it... Richmond has it... lots of cities have urban mountain bike trails
DC... does not have it... DC does not get it...
DC needs to get it!

Read this article about Orlando!

hold on... Orlando gets it... but DC does not?

COME ON DC... DC needs to be more progressive!


Anonymous said...

There are plenty of great MTB trails in DC, you just have to ignore those "No Bicycle" signs posted by the US Park Police!

rayslifecycle said...

Park police will confiscate your bike if you are caught - especially be careful in Rock Creek Park

gwadzilla said...

I have heard this legend of the Park Police taking the cyclist's bike... how could that be fair?

I have never seen anyone's car taken from them for breaking the speed limit or any of the other traffic violations that state no cars

(as in Speed Limit 25 MPH... which means.. no one is to drive over the speed of 25 MPH)

years ago when street walkers were more common in DC there actually a law that the man picking up the working girl could lose his car

I am not sure how this confiscation of the bike could be fair

a digging dog does more damage in a week than a responsible cyclist would do in a year

Jeff said...

I assume by DC should be embarrassed that you mean mountain bikers in DC, right? As I've said, these things don't just happen on their own. What have MORE/IMBA members in DC done to advocate for access to more trails or the construction of skills parks? Where's the demonstrated success in Fort Dupont to show NPS that the rest of the Fort Circle park system should have similar facilities?

Don't just blog about it, make it happen!