100 DEGREES!?!?!??!?!?!

DC IS HOT! the city... the coast... the country we are involved in a HEATWAVE it is brutal out there... fricken brutal this makes me wonder... will Potomac Velo Club postpone tomorrow evening's Wednesday at Wakefield I was thinking of bringing my song... but would it be smart to go out and exert ourselves at our hightest level in that heat? it may not be healthy but I could do to loose a few pounds it the race happens... we are there if Potomac Velo decides to postpone things... we will understand even if next week is not as much of a sure thing for races as this week is
it could make sense for them to cancel the event

or at least have enough water for the people finishing the late race
oxygen tents would be nice too
massage tables in the oxygen tents
and cold beer
let me check the Potomac Velo Site...


nothing said... I need to pack a cooler
we need to hydrate early... before... durning... and after the event...
I may have to teach my son to get off the bike and drink while walking a climb that he could ride and explode on... it is going to be hot
we are going to be on the bike

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