Blackwater Bikes in Davis West Virginia

Blackwater Bikes in Davis West Virginia

Blackwater Bikes in Davis, WVA
as I read on their site... "the center of the Universe in Davis!"

this weekend past I took a quick road trip out of the city and headed for the mountains of West Virginia to ride and race my mountain bike

sure I had been in the Davis area for some winter fun at Canaan Valley, Timberline, and Whitegrass
but I had never really been to Davis
sure I had raced and ridden my bikes on some of the trails in the neighboring areas
but I had never raced or ridden my bike in Davis

Davis Delivered!

Davis is a classic mountain town with a real good hometown mountain feel
it is small... there is not much to it
yet it has everything that you need

a burrito from HELLBENDER BURRITOS will entertain your tastebuds while giving you the fuel for your ride

then to get the body warmed up and ready to ROCK AND ROLL there is HypnoCoffee


then after the ride you can find a good recovery drink at the
Mountain State Brewing Company

but of course to make the ride happen... you will have to stop in BLACKWATER BIKES
trail maps... trail advice...
lube... spare tube... that something that you need that you managed to forget
professional mechanics with a well stocked shop that can get your bike where it needs to be for the beating that the trails of the surrounding area are certain to deliver

Blackwater Bikes is the trailhead for the trails in the Davis area!

gwadzilla archive with mention of WHITEGRASS
brings back some memories... some wonderful mountain memories
West Virginia is Wild and Wonderful

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crs said...

The why of why I leave DC almost every weekend for my beloved West "By god"...I got to move back. City boy I aint!!!

Also, you rode on some of the OG 24hours course from the early 90's.