five speed... well... actually fifteen speed... but five speed

good lunch in adams morgan with nate

good to hang out and talk about bikes and bike culture with a kindred spirit
loved hearing the stories about his recent trip to harrisonburg and his local rides
there is so much epic riding in this area
it is just a matter of getting there
and of course being a strong enough rider to ride it

I need to get out to Gambril and the Shed
there can be riding that is not racing
I need to get out on some rides

maybe the Revenge of the Rattlesnake as a race that is ore like a fast group ride
that could be a good one to put on the calendar

and of course ride locally
got to get up to Frederick
got to get up to "the shed"

no need to think of cyclocross
that is a post season thing

as much as I love it
I think I wish it started later in the season and went later in the season

summer cross was not its orignial intention
that said... if I race the rattlesnake.... I want it to be indian summer
warm and dry with changing leaves around me

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