I am not sure I would recognize him if I saw him on the street...

leBron James is giving away 400 bicycles in Akron
bike ride distance has been reduced in the bike-a-thon


if more over paid athletes and more over paid entertainers were to do similar "bike give aways"
the ripple effect would be awesome

a few months ago I emailed Ellen DeGeneres after she gave a family a car
it seemed to me that a few bicycles to that family would have helped more
then use the remaining money to give bicycles to other families
that sort of logic is the direction we need to go


Mike said...

i don't know if you know caron butler, who played for the wizards and got traded to dallas last season, he has been doing a huge bike give away for years here in dc and his hometown of racine, wisconsin. great guy who had a troubled life, but himself turned around. he loves bikes and is always looking to spread the word. here is the article on this years version, 7th year i think.


culimerc said...

Didn't LeBron actually buy part of Cannondale before it got bought by Doral?? I thought I remembered reading an article that said he liked his mountain bike so much he bought part of the company.