I am not sure if I fully understand the ethic... but it is clearly know to those in the sport


video of Contador apologizing to Andy Schleck on YouTube



ridethewomble said...

I passed you at W@W. Once. You had a flat. I did not feel a great sense of accomplishment. I asked you if you needed anything, but I did not stop and wait.

Sean wrote about how he placed higher than you in a W@W race this year because you had a flat, or a mechanical. He talked about how the victory felt somewhat hollow.

Contador didn't have to wait, but attacking precisely at the moment Schleck's chain fell off doesn't feel "right." It's a race, though, isn't it?

He could have soft-pedalled, instead of hammering, and that would have made his victory taste better. His call, though.

I think he made a mistake, especially since the most likely scenario would have been him marking Andy through the mountains, and then crushing him in the TT.

gwadzilla said...

yea... mountain biking is different

there is an ethic of checking that a fallen racer is not hurt

if someone falls or has a mechanical
well... capitalize on it