Acceptance... not segregation

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Acceptance... not segregation
bike lanes and bike tracks are great
but really... it is only part of what we need
what we need is acceptance not segregation!

separating cyclists from cars does not assist the relationship
in fact... there is some restrictiveness to it
then also the separation may risk to increase a sense that bikes do not belong on the road
ever since I was a child I have had car drivers gesture to the bike path when I chose to be on the road

the irony...
I do not want to be "the bully" on the bike path
so often the car is a bully
when a bicycle is on the multi-use bike path there is the risk that the bicyclist becomes the bully just as the car is often the bully on the road

a fast moving cyclist should be on the street... not on the bike path

if a bike rider is going 18-23 miles an hour on the street they are within the limits of the law
while the aggravated car driver is seeking to get beyond the cyclist so that they can speed... looking to get by so they can exceed the 25MPH Speed Limit
yes... the car driver is frustrated with the law abiding citizen on the bike that is slowing their effort to break the law

if only they had a mirror so that they can see themselves...

currently listening to the...

oh... HOLD ON!
this Kojo Nnamdi Show piece on Regional Cycling is about to discuss an effort to improve things on MacArthur Boulevard
interestingly enough... this is the stretch of road that I was envisioning when I typed that last thought

Kojo Nnamdi Show on Regional Biking

a classic Gwadzilla Post THE WAR ON MAC ARTHUR BOULEVARD

it is good to hear that they are approaching these trouble areas
clearly this is not an easy riddle to solve
at least they are approaching it
for years and years it was the cyclist against the world
now finally the cyclist has someone "getting their back"

what can be done?
what should be done?

EDUCATION and enforcement
these are the things that we need

and no... not penalties to the so called scoff law cyclists
to be realistic... as pedestrians we have all had more close calls with cars and trucks when we are on the crosswalk than with cyclists on the sidewalk
sure... it is annoying for the cyclists to be on the sidewalk
but the cyclist on the sidewalk is not as much of a threat as the cars when we are in the crosswalks

to the cyclist's defense... until it is safe for bikes to be on the street... well... they are only putting themselves where they are most safe


have the cars fall into order and pedestrians and cyclists will follow suit
until then... pedestrians and cyclists need to be creative to stay safe

changing the way that people think is a difficult notion to approach
but... if we were to approach people as sub-groups rather than a whole... well... we may have greater success in enlightening people

PROFESSIONALS: Professionals need to drive as professionals...
Taxi Cabs and Buses are some of the greatest menaces on the road
increase education on how they should drive
penalize the dangerous drivers
have BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN EDUCATION be part of the licensing and then perhaps part of a yearly certificate renewal system

Police Officers need to be educated in appropriate driving behavior
they need to know the law for how to drive and how to drive around cyclists
it boggles my mind that I am often passed or tailgated by a police officer in the same way as I would be passed or tailgated by any other driver
Police need to understand that they are not "above the law"
the speed limit and the no cell phone laws apply to them
as well as double parking and no parking

CYCLISTS! Cyclists off the bike and in their car need to be respectful of other cyclists
it is up to us to set the example on how to approach cyclists and how to pass cyclists
and this does not mean driving slowly behind the cyclists... pass the cyclist with ample space and safely
and of course at a safe speed
hopefully our peers will learn from our example

ATHLETES... yes... other athletes... if a person is an athlete... they should empathize with the plight of the cyclist
nearly all sports deal with shared space situations
runners... rowers... equestrians... whatever... they should all be able to empathize the plight of the cyclist and give them ample space

this is just the beginning
I need to get on with my day
use the comment section to expand on this!

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