I hate the thought of giving a negative review...

I am not a hard sale
in fact... I am pretty easy

hot dogs?
I am not picky
back in the day of the Georgetown Bagel Bakery I ate more than my fair share "bagel dogs"
and the sidewalk cart
I am no stranger to the hot dog with everything

so... when I saw the WONKY VAN I rolled up
a glance at the menu and I thought that the WONKY DOG would be their trademark item
I considered the other stuff... but the grilled cheese sandwich or the nutella sandwich did not seem to carry what I was thinking to be the WONKY PERSONALITY... so I ordered the WONKY DOG... without a soda

the soda or the water was a buck fifty
so I went to the nearest hot dog cart and got a 24 ounce coca cola for a buck fifty
then rolled back and waited for my food

the food was not exactly served up quickly.... but I was in no hurry

then it came
and well... it looked like a let down
it looked like a joke

I was curious if I had pissed off the man in the van by getting my soda elsewhere

not too hung up on how things looked I took a spot in the grass in the park and took a bite

it was a let down
I was pleased that those were blocks of cheese and not chunks of butter
the gravy... well... the gravy did not appeal to me
and the fries... well... there were only four fries
these guys need to go to Primantti Brothers in Pittsburgh to see about putting fries on a sandwich
there were six fries max... and six may be a generous estimate
the dog in there in the picture... you count

so... for six bucks
I say save your money
get three times the dogs from the sidewalk cart or get a sandwich elsewhere
I almost threw this thing in the trash after the second bite
but... being from the generation of the clean plate club I ate it
also... I ate it because it cost me six bucks and I was hungry

but really.... I was let down
I would have done better to get a boiled dog from the sidewalk cart that sold me the coca cola

total let down
some people say that DC is a hot dog town
home of the hot link

go to Ben's Chilli Bowl or any sidewalk stand if you want DC Represented


would I recommend it?
although I am curious about the other things on the menu
I fear... if they messed this up so bad
what would I expect from the other over priced items?

six french fries? and a hot dog and a bun... for six bucks
then to have it taste like crap?
is this Canadian Cuisine?
maybe Canada is not so cool?


Jeff said...

Let's be honest Joel...running into me moments before was such a highlight of your day, that anything that followed was sure to be a let down. I hope the rest of your birthday went better.

Jake said...