Quick Messenger Service?

some shots by someone other than me
check out this guys images

I like the images and the words
more words would be nice
the shot of the biker scolding the car in the bike lane is classic
painting the bike lanes would help with that situation

I am confident that the images on that forum are by Rod Smith
that is a photo I took of Rod Smith with his Cargo Bike making a delivery on K Street in Georgetown

growing up I knew a different Rodney Smith
that Rodney Smith was in a car accident returning from Ocean City shortly after he graduated from B-CC High School
it was a blow to the community
I remember talking with Rodney's younger brother Bruce shortly after the accident... death is abstract... it is something tough to get your head around
losing someone close to you can tear you up inside and turn your world upside down
life is never the same after death

sorry... to tie these unrelated tangents together
but often when I see this Rod Smith I think of the Rodney Smith from my neighborhood growing up
sure he sort of bullied me as a kid... but I was still sad when he died

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