tried a few angles... not sure if I got the shot

those segways are like giant mosquitoes swarming the sidewalk
I just want to swat them

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
the white house

still no response from The First Lady or the LET'S MOVE initiative
it was last spring that my older son Dean's class wrote their letters about making mountain biking legal in Rock Creek Park here in Washington DC
gwadzilla: A Letter to Michelle Obama
a letter to the first lady

the residence of the president
one more shot... trying to get the shot


culimerc said...

Have you tried writing to Ken Salazaar?? Head of the DOI, he's actually the person that would be in charge of the NPS and thereby Rock Creek Park.

Emily said...

Segways scare me. I saw one on the Custis trail the other week riding home from work ... Sometimes I see cops on them in Georgetown too.