the convertible and the bicycle...

I do not own a convertible... I would love to own a convertible
in my youth I owned a Rabbit convertible... not a Cabriolet

but a Rabbit convertible

if the wheels were rolling... then the top was down
it seemed to me if I owned a convertible... I should take advantage of owning a convertible
I loved driving with the top down

trips to the beach would give the passengers an amusing tan line with the seat belt
at highway speed a sudden summer shower did not get the passengers too wet
the speakers were good enough that you could hear the music while you drove
the wind was such that the person or people in the back seat missed out on the conversation in the front and got beaten up a bit

I can recall doing shuttle runs to the top of Loveland Pass with some snowboarding buddies
top down and boards in the back
it it started to snow... we just put our goggles on
there was one trip to mountain bike at Nederland
the bikes were on the back... the top was down... icy rain fell as we left Boulder on a sunny spring afternoon
we did not stop to put the top up... we drove
when we got to the trialhead quarter size snowflakes were falling

it amuses me to see people driving a convertible with the top up on a beautiful day
actually... it sort of irks me
I question... when do they take the top down if it is not down today?

ah... it is too hot to take the top down
oh... it is too cold to take the top down
the wind might mess up my hair
okay... I am struggling to find an excuse why the owner of a convertible would drive with the top up when they could drive with the top down

the bike is very similar
so many people do not ride because they are waiting for that day that is "just right"
the bicycle commuter can not be a fair weather cyclist
the hardcore bicycle commuter just gets on the bike
there is a measure of the weather... then appropriate attire is taken into consideration
but seldom is there any hesitation
rain gear... cold weather gear... dry clothes for the arrival at the destination
but most of all... no excuses

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