Dean's first race as a Junior...

Bruce Buckley has some photos from Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

this weekend past without my formal planning it was decided that my older son would step up from the Lil' Beligian's Race at Ed Sander's and line up with the juniors in the 10-14 group
although Dean is only nine years old... his cyclocross age is 10
so... he would fit right in
but not really

originally I had thought that my son would ride with his cousin Eric
Eric was a no show
even without his cousin Eric present Dean did not back down... he said he was going to do it... so he was going to do it
even after some scrapes, bruises, and cuts that happened in a crash while warming up
Dean was still game

Dean and I took a pre-ride together
both of us in street clothes
both of us with flat bars

the effort by my sons on this day made me proud
I am proud of my boys for who they are

Dean lined up younger and smaller with less experience than the other around him
dressed in street clothes on a low end mountain bike with no prior cyclocross practice

more images and words from this day in my race report

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