it is hard to explain...

IRON CROSS: Skinhead Glory
this is a classic
this seven inch spent a good amount of time on the turntables as a teen
for a few years there it seemed like Iron Cross and GI were the house bands at every show in the DC area

this 7 Inch is classic through and through
so good that it would be flipped and each side would get a full listen

Crucified for Your Sins on YOUTUBE

it is complicated and I would not be the best person to explain it
but I will say something just the same
a Skinhead in Washington DC is different than a Skinhead in London
some of the DC thing was maybe the uniform of choice for that subgroup of punk or hardcore people
only minus the racism

there was teen anger
and well... teens are figuring it out and trying to understand things
but I do not think that the DC Skins were as much about racism but more about trying to be tough or cool with the Skinhead uniform being part of their identity
without sharing the full message

I was never a Skinhead... and now... I am suffering male pattern baldness

then there was the whole SKA thing... the Two Tone message... the "good" skinhead about unity instead of hate
I love the English Beat and no one is cooler than The Specials
but to me so much of it was enjoying the energy of the music
not so much about adopting a life code

yes, that is Mike "Big Daddy" Ryan with a red "E" stamped on his face
Mike "Big Daddy" Ryan is currently an actual Big Daddy
but he no longer has a red "E" stamped on his face

SOA may have been my favorite Dischord Seven Inch
oh... behind Minor Threat of course...

Minor Thread-Trouble Funk: The Punk-Funk Spectacular definitely ranks in my short list of favorite shows of all time

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