does Capital Bike Share have an sponsors?

Preparation H has an amusing ad

Capital Bike Share bikes are all over the city
the GIANT in Columbia Heights is full STOCKED!

there are stations all over downtown Washington DC
then also in Arlington Virginia
with a few scatter points around the perimeter
more stations to come!

it is curious... the program has grown
how is the usage compared to Smart Bike?
does the usage match the supply?
is this as simple as a bicycle rental FIELD OF DREAMS?
you build it and they will come?

and the bikes...
how do the bikes compare to the SMART BIKES?
do other people find the seats a tad uncomfortable?

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Tim Kelley said...

Hey Joel--here are usage stats for the first 10 days. http://www.commuterpageblog.com/2010/10/capital-bikeshare-september-data.html

If CommuterPage Blog isn't part of the sites you check regularly, it should be!

~Tim, BikeArlington