Capital Bike Share...

Capital Bike Share

Washington DC is going the way of the bike
and Capital Bike Share is a big part of this

it amazes me... Smart Bike DC was cool... a wonderful pilot program
while Capital Bike Share takes it to the next level

the increased number of bikes with its expanded number of stations is what the program needed to make things work
sure... it is not perfect... but neither are buses, taxi cabs, or metro trains

it is tough... is the Capital Bike Share supply meeting the demand?
are Capital Bike Share users getting to the bike stations only to find that the early bird
gets the worm and they are left walking?

this weekend past at the Rally to Restore Sanity I anticipated a spike in Capital Bike Share usage
I thought there was a risk of more bikes going down hill than the stations could handle

did this happen? I do not know
but I do know that I saw many people on Capital Bike Share Bikes!
all over the city people were cruising on the short term rentals

all sorts of people are using the Capital Bike Share system

there are people commuting on these bikes and there are people going for weekend rides on them

the Capital Bike Share may be a sound solution for the infrequent rider or the person with a small apartment

it is a fantastic concept
an idea that could change the way people think

bikes instead of cabs?
bikes instead of buses?
rental instead of ownership?

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