anyone familiar with the Balitmore Ski Warehouse?

my snowboard gear is old and tired...

in fact... last season my boots were so dry rotted that they just crumbled away
which has me without snowboard boots
and my deck...
well... the K2 with its RETRO design is now an antique itself

and that helmet...
well... I think it took a few hits from back in the day when I was getting shot out of a canon... so that should be replaced as it is not just outdated... but well worn from being well used

Baltimore Ski Warehouse


that is an image of me with Mike Mapp aka Micro of Ramptech
with Cargo Mike hidden behind my left shoulder

in this video I am reminded why I do not skateboard anymore!


dcdouglas said...

Don't know about the B'more Ski Warehouse, but a nice elf gave me a Bern G2 helmet for XMas. It's sort of a crossover helmet equally effective for biking as well as for snowsports, provided you get the winter ear cover add-on. One really nice feature: vents that be closed in the winter and opened up for the heat of summer.

gwadzilla said...


I was thinking of a crossover helmet


I often wear my old snowboard helmet on the bike during the really cold months

gwadzilla said...

more specifically