I do not always get the shot... especially in low light

I am not a patient fisherman
I am not willing to spend my day sitting in one spot with my line in the water

my style is more proactive than passive
if I see a fish jump
then I chase it and dangle my line in front of that fish
more like a fly fisherman than a boy with a fish on a hook and bobber on his line

sure... there is the chance of catching more fish if I just threw down a net and let them swim in while they go up stream
but... I am trying to get up stream myself
which does not always offer the time I would need to make all that happen


clear01 said...

I know what you mean. I admire people who can see shots every where. I tried staying in one spot for the rally to restore sanity. That was cool because I had tons of people just walking by. I'd like to try it some more, just as a exercise.

gwadzilla said...

in this situation I was riding...
I came up behind this cyclist... well... I turned right and chased him... deviating a tad from my destination
then rode along side of him and snapped a few shots

all the while trying not to get hit by a car
all the while trying not to hit a car

tough to shoot on the move