I think I may have a better shot... but it won't be his dad

just flipped the vinyl... Minor Threat
Out of Step spinning on the turn table
not sure how I feel about the sound of my speakers and my receiver
but I do like getting to listen to my records

just sneezed and just finished a late dinner
not feeling so hot... dinner was good but I am sick
about to put a kettle on the stove to cook up some cold medicine
not feeling well... need something to tame these symptoms
the hot medicine and some hot tea

definitely need some medicine
the night time version... should have used the day time version more than just in the morning
not sure what my favorite cold medicine is at this point in time
this stuff is pretty good... well. this is the generic version

which should be pretty good

stepping out
which will have me here and then back
which can make the thought of this post skip like a record

was over at another DC Blog on the topic of cycling
I did not get too into it because it got heavy on some bike reviews
all sorts of cut and paste of parts and specifications
and well... well that is not even my scene with cyclocross bikes or single speeds

specs are not really my thing

but... I did like his piece on Capital Bike Share

it reminded me that I have been meaning to buy my wife a Capital Bike Share membership so we can go on a Capital Bike Share date

the destination to be determined by proximity of Capital Bike Share stations... the topography of the terrain...
with consideration of temperature... time... and the experience of the ride there and the ride back



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