it is an ironic twist...

the fast obnoxious pass...
cars often pass the cyclist too fast and too close
passing the cyclist within the lane but not within the Speed Limit
if only the cars could understand that the SPEED LIMIT is the SPEED MAXIMUM
which means that in Car to Car interaction the cars should be going slower than the stated speed
and then... to expand on that
the cars should slow below that speed when encountering Pedestrians or Cyclists
alas no...
the cars only when approaching a pot hole in the road or something similar that could put their suspension at risk

THREE FEET is a good law... it should be a law of common sense
but since common sense is not common
then basic ideas are instituted as law

often on my rides I am over to the right...
I get buzzed... I get buzzed... I get buzzed...
I take the full lane

other times... when I am riding on a winding road I move from the right hand side of the right hand lane closer to the center of the right hand lane
knowing that it would be unsafe for the following vehicles to pass
so often I am nearly slammed by an oncoming car that is passing a cyclist as it comes towards me
people really need to increase their "sphere of awareness"
there is more to passing a car or a bike than going around them
logic... anticipation...

there is a method to the madness
sure... I know that whenI take the full lane there may be some aggitation on the end of the car driver
but really... if I take the full lane for a quarter mile... we are still moving... you are then allowed to pass... a push of the accelerator pedal
and in seconds
like magic... you are once again tailgating the bumper in front of you instead of tailgating the guy on the bike

don't worry about offending the drivers behind you
be concerned about arriving alive

and remember

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