old records

listening to my old vinyl
loving the selection
loving the memories
listening to Dance Craze

I am not sure if I have ever seen the documentary Dance Craze
this was all pre-Internet... pre-Netflixs... pre-DVD
and not everything was out on VHS and BETA

in high school there was this red headed girl that I had a crush on
she was a cheerleader... no... not her... the other red headed cheer leader
not the one I dated
so... there was this red headed girl who was a cheerleader and I had a crush on her
she knew it... I sort of thought it was obvious... her boyfriend more than likely knew it
well... I had this white button down shirt that I got from my buddy Jimmy

well... this shirt had The Specials written on the back in magic marker... pre-Sharpie
and this girl... well... she thought my shirt "with the man on the back" was funny

in the words from Square Pegs... a show I never saw... "totally different head"
yes... totally different head

Jimmy said it was cool that I could have that shirt... I remember wearing it all the time
it was my shirt of choice for the Black Flag at Pearce Hall Show... over my green army shirt I had written THE CLASH in a font similar to the Give Em Enough Rope cover

I guess I could ask him...
we are friends on FACEBOOK
I am just afraid he is gonna ask for it back

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Will said...

John, I would love to hear specifics regarding your web collaboration tools.

Happy New Year.