DC Does Not Have a Vote

The Executive Director of IMBA:International Mountain Bike Association speaks at The National Bike Summit with the head of The League of American Bicyclists sits a few steps away from an upside down DC flag
a flag that may have been upside down for the full duration of The National Bike Summit

IMBA which may be though as more of a bicycle for sport-recreation is involved in the bicycle transportation movement because mountain bikes are bicycles

IMBA was a sponsor of The National Bike Summit

a few things that came up in conversation with people from out of town here at the NBS
DC Does Not Have a Vote... on "the hill"
but... DC residents do have a vote for the president of the United States

DC Statehood
I hope that all the Gray allegations are unfounded... I do not want to regress to a Barry-esque world
yes... I miss Fenty

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