riding back from the Summit!

last night after a long day of networking and attending advocacy seminars there was a dinner hosted by IMBA: The International Mountain Bike Association
I attended that event to round off my day of IMBA Seminars... seminars that informed and inspired!


leaving off for home I wanted to show off my somewhat new bakfiet to my mountain bike bud and advocacy hero Scott Scudamore

so... I chased him up a one way street and then onto the sidewalk
not exactly the direction that we want the bicycle to go in our age of seeking acceptance
but... it was just two and a half city blocks

when I caught "Scud" and an assortment of advocates from around the country I got a wide range of similar responses
for the most part the expected response was shocked... surprised... amused
pretty much everyone with Scud got a giggle... except for the guy from Portland

the Dutch Cargo bike... aka bakfiet in its home made incarnation is not foreign
to the streets of Portland
sure... a novelty to the streets of Washington DC and most of the western world
yet in Portland... there may well be as many of these as in Holland
I know this... I have seen Portlandia

Portlandia on HULU

also from Portland... Tom's Cargo Bike

did not see Jonathan Maus at The Bike Summit


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