a solution to a non-problem

skateboarding and innovation

I don't skateboard... when I was a teen I did skateboard
I was a teen well on into my 20's

yes... I skateboarded street and ramp... but never very well

my skateboarding was more for transportation and fun than for sport
sure I messed around with grinds, 360s, rock-n-roll slides on raised curbs
but for the most part... I was just messing around
my favorite place to skate was in the Bethesda Parking garages... which in my youth were vacant after the sun set

one of the things I used to like to do with my skateboard was to bring an old bicycle inner tube with me when I rode
we would go to the local ditch and I would sling the tube around the board between my legs and pul
l it tight and hold it with one hand as I rode
the board would then raise when I lifted my feet

I never toyed with it enough to really get past knowing that if I did not lift my legs up at the same time it would pull the board out from under my feet instead of keeping my board
it was more a novelty than anything else
I can recall having this inner tube with skateboard set up in front of a punk show at The Wilson Center and having my friends who were superior skaters give it a shot
they investigated... in a moments effort they did not do much more than me

but really...
a 180 to fakie... or a 360 spin would not have been to hard to master if someone had put some time into their effort

this morning I was speaking to a neighbor-friend

in our talk of widgets I came up with the idea of VELCRO on the SKATEBOARD instead of grip tape a
nd then special shoes with VELCRO soles!

sure... it is a solution to a 'non-problem"
but it is a funny thing to think about
would this be a good tool for the beginner
would it be more trouble than assistance?
as getting away from the board is as important as sticking to the board

enough on that thought
as I have no intention of heading down to the patent office

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