when away from the turn tables... there are options


waking Saturday morning...
the activities of the boys have it such that no one sleeps late on Saturday

starting my day with the usual routine
drink coffee and wipe the sleep out of my eyes as I travel the World Wide Web

just swapped out Pandora Dot Com for DAG RADIO

so far so good...
a little more Baker-centric than the Pandora selections
which makes sense... which is fine

nice to get exposure to Bad Religion and other projects that I am less familiar with

funny to see the Jason Farrell touch to some of the recent releases... like DAG WITH SHAWN.... which I still do not own

just selected a SWIZ song... and the SWIZ graphics come up
Jason Farrell was always did have a fantastic graphics touch to his work

Jason Farrell not only did the record cover design for his own projects... but was also the "house" designer for Dischord Records
putting his artistic impressions on multiple Fugazi releases... an award winning design package for KINGFACE... and than a long list of others!


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