Arbeit Macht Frei

Work Will Set You Free

Arbeit Macht Frei
these are the German words that adorn the entrance of the concentration camp called Auschwitz in Poland

today I took a trip with my wife Lisa to Auschwitz and Birkenau
it was intense
it was unreal
it is an inexcusable truth of this world's history

some images from today's visit on my Tumblr page
if only I had some audio from our tour guide
his anger was palatable
this man delivered a historical account of what happened on these grounds with a reverence and respect that carried an intensity that must be exhausting for him

TUMBLR post on Auschwitz Part One
TUMBLR on Auschwitz Part Two

I tried very hard to take photos that did not contain the presence of tourists
which was difficult
this is a heavily traveled area


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