a few shots...

today I took a spin out to VeloCity Bicycle Coop in Old Town Alexandria to hang out, get a tour of the facilities, and grab some lunch
some back and forth over FACEBOOK and then a phone call for confirmation then I was suited up and out the door on the bike

considered riding the Franken-bakfiet
but suited up and got on the Trek road bike
got way over suited up
the temperature had seriously changed since I had walked the dog in the am

could have been in shorts and short sleeves
I was dressed for another winter day

did not shed a layer until I got to Velo City Bicycle Copp
which was fine
I was not going hypoxic any way
it was a casual cruise on the bike path with a back pack on my back and a camera slung around my neck

met up with Christian and was seriously impressed with the facilities and the pizza at Bugsy's was that classic Armand's recipe done in that classic old school just like I remember it from growing up quality and flavor
I should have recorded the conversation
the things that are happening over in Old Town with Velo City Bicycle Coop are amazing

I need to roll over there to see this place in action!
and so should you!


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