getting back into the routine...

back to life... back to reality
spring break is now over
back from Poland
now it is time to get back into the routine

just dropped the boys off at school
without asking the boys if they wanted to bike I loaded the bikes
to give young Grant the feeling that he has a say I offered him the opportunity to select the bicycle he wanted to ride
a good effort by the dad... Grant selected the "skinny tire" bike

offer options... but only options that are pleasing to the parent
not yes or no... but this or that

morning madness

although it is Tuesday... it played out like Monday

as yesterday was another day off from school for the boys
so today... today was the first day of the week
the first day back at school

the bikes were only part of the morning routine
lunches needed to be packed and backpacks needed to be found
then... then as I loaded the bikes in the car I learned that Dean wanted some photos to go along with his discussion with the class about his trip to Krakow, Poland

well... some things are more easily said then done
all of the images are still on various SD and CF cards
then... when I went to go print some random images
I learned that the laptop I selected did not have the print driver... so I swapped machines... only to learn that this machine also lacked the appropriate driver
so... I had to download and install the print driver for this photo printer

with the printer was finally installed I selected some random images
a few images of St Mary's Church in the main square
something with the towers... and then the knife that goes with the legend of the towers
Dean packed the book that tells the tale of the Bugler of Krakow
and then also some salt
since Dean had salt from the salt mines... I had to print out some images of the salt mines

then we were pretty much out of time
sure I wanted to print out some images of bicycles and streetcars
it would have been cool to contain some mountain shots from Zakopane
but no... there was not time

once again the lesson is learned... plan ahead... do not wait until the last minute
but really... I did not see the email from his teacher about him having time to talk to the class today
more than likely Dean did not know that he would be talking to his class until word was relayed to him from mom this morning

that email must have come late in the night

well... I printed something
hopefully it is enough for Dean to give a solid presentation to his class
if nothing else... I think everyone is going to get a piece of rock salt from the mine

a few more characters of text to this post and I too need to get back into my routine

lots happening here

need to get my focus
time to start knocking a few things off this "things to do" list

gotta move forward instead of spinning my wheels

not much time before I pick up the boys
gotta make what is gonna happen happen now
so... enough words for now
time to start my day

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