one size does not fit all...

Ergon... what is in a name?

I am not a linguist

but I am guessing that Ergon took its name from Ergonomics
I am thinking this because this company makes products with great consideration of ergonomic
from their variety of grips to their variety of back packs you can see great care and consideration taken into account when they approach design

as mentioned in a previous post I got hooked up with a few products from Dave Wiens who races for Ergon
Dave was good enough to send me a set of grips with a built in bar end and also two different Ergon backpacks

the other day I took a short ride with my new Ergon backpack

today the boys were home from school... the last day of Spring Break
in the quest to make the most of this day I asked the kids what they wanted to do
seven year old Grant suggested a personal favorite... The Billy Goat Trail
it was a solid suggestion
the weather is perfect for a hike and weekday is preferred over weekend for such a popular spot

we left out of the house around 10 AM
timing things perfectly that the boys would be hungry on the trail
knowing this... I gathered several bottles of water, a few Capri Suns, Granola Bars, a few cheeses, some liver wurst (or something similar), and then some potato rolls

again being excited by the arrival of the gear from Ergon I decided to use my newly acquired Ergon BX2 Backpack
a smaller pack than the pack I tested the day prior

before loading the pack I gave a glance at the instructions and worked to set the pack up for my body type
again... Ergon has taken much into account when they designed these packs
the primary notion is that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!
for this pack to properly distribute the weight it needs to be set up to match the user's body type

in a matter of minutes the pack was set up and filled with all that I felt we would need for our assault on the rocks on The Billy Goat Trail

we made the short drive out of the Mount Pleasant here in Washington DC to Potomac, Maryland with my boys and then also one of the kids from down the block
it is always more fun for my boys to hang with their friends rather than their lame old dad
as cool as their dad may think he is... he is really just another old guy

we arrived at Old Angler's Inn and had to loop the parking lot a few times before a spot opened up
once we found a space we took to hiking
out of the car and onto the service road we started the march to the trailhead

the Ergon Pack was awesome
again... I did not fill it with bricks to test its weight capacity
I was traveling with what I needed
the pack worked perfectly

in short... it was as if I did not know the pack was there
really... that is the most that one can ask for
it was hot... and my body felt it
with or without the pack I would have broken a sweat
the pack fit nicely allowing me to hop from rock to rock without even knowing I had a pack full of food and drink

nothing was rubbing wrong... nothing was bouncing around... the straps adjusted and held things tightly to my body

sure enough... the timing was perfect
the boys were showing their hunger as we hit the rocks along side the canyon that is the Potomac
we found a nice spot in the shade that over looked the river
there I opened the pack and assembled sandwiches and handed out cheese
water and Capri Suns were consumed

the pack was then filled with our trash and all of the boys' shirts
the pack was slightly lighter after the four of us devoured its edible contents

the camera stayed in the bag
not every event is about dad and his camera
but the times without the camera... those moments tend to be times for the iPhone

Ergon Backpack BX2

I think both of those photos were taken with one of my favorite iPhone Apps
it is sick... it is awesome
also took some Pin Hole App shots... then an Old Time Photo app that took some amazing images
not sure if I am into the double exposure results for the Pin Hole App... but I can see that it has some serious fun potential

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