Trey... a good looking kid... now dead

I am sorry
it is not possible to contain myself
it is part empathy
it is part fear

I cry... luckily... I am not at my office crying
currently at home
so... there is no fear that anyone will come in and see me with a flush face and tears running down my face

in NC a father and son were hit by a drunk driver while they were out for a morning bicycle ride
tragic.. beyond tragic

Trey looks like a good kid
come on... he looks better than a good kid
he looks full of life... strength... self confidence
look at that smile... he looks like a person who would be well liked and respected by his peers
Trey looks like someone who will be missed by many

if I am crying over the death of two strangers
there must be many people in hysterics
living a nightmare
wishing they could wake up from this very bad dream

WECT Six News

may one day those that knew and loved Trey and his father find peace in their passing

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