words off the top of my head...

image snagged from here

listening to NO HANDLEBARS by Flobots

put that song on in an effort to bridge the gap between myself and my seven year old
he was angry... displaying a great deal of anger
dad made a mistake... when dad when to Chipolte he ate in with his older son
bringing home a burrito for his younger son
only one issue... dad did not buy an Izzy soda for carry out

not good

not sure... but it may have been an hour long battle
red face... tears... hard stairs... and an assortment of words that hurt

tough... but dad was able to roll with the punches

peace was made
it is agreed
seven year old Grant is "owed" ONE Izzy Soda...
not the five or five million he demanded
not him getting a soda and his brother getting nothing
but one Izzy Soda... at a later date yet to be determined

glad that battle is over

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